ModelR is now obsolete

Maintaining the data on the site had become increasingly difficult, not least because of some of the rather old and crufty underlying code used in its construction. Also, some aspects of the site were clearly not working very well, while at the same time there were new features which I would have liked to have added but couldn't, again, due to the rather antiquated underlying structure. And, finally, I've come to the conclusion that the name, with its Flickr-style trailing R, is just a bit too cliched and doesn't really reflect what the site is about.

ModelR's direct replacement is

The new site is focussed primarily on user-contributed reviews and ratings of British outline ready-to-run (RTR) models. There is something of a gap in the market for this, as, unlike many major online retailers such as Amazon, most specialist model railway retailers don't have a customer review system.

As well as product reviews, retains the exhibition and event listings which were previously published here. If you have submitted event information to ModelR, it has been transferred to the new site. You can add new events to the listings on in the same way that you could here.

New features on, which didn't exist on ModelR, include YouTube videos of models in action and a price comparison of selected retailers. And the more modular format of the site's structure means that there will be more new features to come in the future.

Model railway club and shop listings from ModelR have not been transferred to the new site. These were increasingly out of date and unreliable, and took too much effort to administer. You can still find club and shop informationat UKModelshops.

The photo galleries have also been removed. These, too, were very out of date, and not all that good anyway. You can find a much better class of model photography in the galleries at RMweb.

So, that's all, folks. See you over at